Loan insurance optional or not.


When you take out a loan, be it a real estate loan or a consumer loan, it is not legally required to sign up for loan insurance. However, on the ground it is quite another thing.

Loan insurance: an indispensable optional guarantee

Loan insurance: an indispensable optional guarantee

When applying for a loan, the lending institution attempts to assess the risks posed by the borrower and requires certain guarantees from the borrower. Although underwriting loan insurance is optional, banks and other credit agencies routinely require borrowers to make a loan. Indeed, this is a real guarantee for the lending institution to be reimbursed in the event of a possible default by the borrower. In the event of a claim, the insurer replaces the borrower and then pays the loan.

Why secure his loan?

Why secure his loan?

Optional lending insurance allows you to deal with the vagaries of life by protecting yourself and your family against situations of death, disability, incapacity for work and loss of employment. In the event of a situation covered by the loan insurance contract, your insurer will cover the total or partial repayment of the loan to the bank.

Why go through the broker to buy insurance loan?

Since you do not have to subscribe to the bank’s group insurance contract, which is a collective standard insurance, it is in your interest to make the insurance companies compete in order to benefit from the insurance contract. Individual loan insurance that will be the most advantageous.

Unlike the group contract, an individual loan insurance is established according to your profile and your situation.

Optional bank loan insurance…

Optional bank loan insurance...

By using the Insurance broker for your optional loan insurance, you will be offered the best loan insurance offers on the market that will best meet your borrower needs. The broker negotiates for you from the largest insurance companies the best conditions for individual coverage at a very attractive price.

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Go through a broker for your insurance borrower, it is the possibility of saving several thousand euros on the total cost of your mortgage and benefit from guarantees to measure!


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