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Rapid verification process – how is it done?

 February 13, 2017 Borrowers are increasingly aware of the decisions they make when they apply for financial support. More and more of them use websites to become familiar with the accompanying procedures. The question of the potential customer verification process often comes back. Many of them wonder how it works and whether it requires sharing data and documents. Our financial…

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Interest rates – what do they affect?

  Interest rates – money regulation Interest rates act as a tool that regulates the amount of money present on the Polish market, and thus – for example, stimulates the domestic economy or curbs inflation. The MPC decision is reflected e.g. in the zloty exchange rate and the interest rate on loans and deposits offered by financial institutions. Impact of…

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Debt collector and bailiff – differences in entitlements.

  March 12, 2015 The debt of Poles is constantly growing. Although, according to the National Debt Register, the number of debtors increased by only 2%, the amount of outstanding liabilities has clearly increased. Compared to the end of 2016, the difference is 27 percent. Why don’t we pay you back? We incorrectly estimate our financial capabilities. With the simultaneous…

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